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    IDM, Interactive Dispensing Machines, provide a complete digital marketplace and a digital advertising platform. With intended distribution throughout North America and abroad IDM will dispense a wide range of quality PPE, CBD, and health & fitness products at location and on demand. IDM is powered by Accelerated Technologies Holding Corporation, OTC Markets “ATHC” and exclusively distributed to Vendmost.

    Indoor | Outdoor | Office Towers | Residential Buildings | Hotels | Malls | Transit Hubs | Municipal Buildings

    To provide easy access via technology driven contactless environments. IDM delivers onsite and OnDemand access to high quality essential safety, wellness and beauty products.

    Strategic placement of IDM’s within mass transit hubs, malls, residential, office and municipal buildings increases the brand recognition of IDM’s interactive distribution channel.

    IDM will additionally promote digital advertisement while educating consumers about the benefits of our safety and wellness products.

    IDM will maximize partner revenues by establishing a significant brand, optimizing sales and utilizing its interactive platforms for OnDemand delivery and from digital advertising.

    IDM transforms the way consumers and brands interact with essential protective equipment, CBD and wellness. through the use of our state-of-the art IDM’s.

    POP- Up stores.

    Vendmost delivers unique opportunities. Inquire about Vendmost pop-up stores.