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Shieldmost, LLC., first in wellness, was founded during the height of the 2020 pandemic in New York City.  After developing reactive processes and testing  numerous solutions, Shieldmost began to offer “plug and play” proactive technologies and solutions which promote public health and safety. Formed as a joint venture between Accelerated Technologies Holding Corp., a technology-driven solution provider, and Helmsley Spear, Inc., the oldest continuously operating property management company in the U.S., Shieldmost is acutely aware of the needs of customers and capabilities of technology based solutions. Our services, products, technologies, and applications are designed to promote health, safety and wellness. The offerings are applicable for personal use, to public and private sectors, and government.

Our full circle proactive approach and technological capabilities enable end users to control access, identify and mitigate infectious diseases spreading  and activate air quality enhancement  and surface disinfection. Real-time data triggers notifications and proper intervention.

Vendmost successfully tested and  installed indoor and outdoor Shieldmost Scanner facial recognition, contactless human body temperature scanners to identify individuals with abnormal body temperatures at a distance. Network and stand-alone affordable AI powered thermal temperature scanners, air purification and sanitizing technologies,  have been  installed in restaurants, retail, hotels, offices, residential and office buildings.  Shieldmost has complete, affordable, and flexible solutions. Additional equipment and customized software can be added for additional access and attendance controls, security, branding and advertising.

The management believes that the packaged solution will be mandated in all sectors similar to fire extinguishers. Based on surveys and applications, the facilities are assessed, and proper equipment and solutions are installed at the facility. The facility owner will have the option to purchase, lease, or finance the equipment. The monthly maintenance fees will accommodate 24/7 support and data transmission fees accordingly. Offline solutions are also available, and can be adapted easily upon request.

Shieldmost LLC’s is an exclusive distributor for health and wellness solutions developed by Accellerated Technologies Holding Corp. (ATHC)